Are you moving, andwant to transfer British Gas connection to your new home?

British gas is a leading gas and energy supplier in the UK. They are dominating the energy sector in the UK by serving more than 12 million people. They have succeeded in establishing a strong image with the help of their creative advertising and marketing campaigns. If you are a British gas customer and you are moving home and you want to avail their services in your new home too then you need to inform British gas before moving home so that they can correct your bills and make arrangements of energy connection in your new home too.


If you are a Homecare customer of British Gas and you are moving home then inform them by calling at the British Gas Contact Number.

You need to keep the following information in your hand before calling British Gas:

  • Membership number of your British Gas customer
  • Your contact number
  • Your both old and new addresses

If British gas is already supplying energy to your new place, then you will get the connection immediately. However,if they are not supplying energy already, then it may take around two and a half weeks.

If you are moving home as a Pay as you go energy customer then you are expected to perform the following task:

  • A date on which you are moving
  • You new address
  • Any remaining balance on your old meter
  • Accurate meter reading
  • The name of your new landlord (if it’s possible)

British Gas expects from you to inform them two days before shifting. During this time take your card to a PayPoint so that you can remove the credit from your meter and British Gas will refund your money. However, if you didn’t remove the remaining balance from your meter, then British Gas will pay back your remaining amount left on your meter. They will send your remaining amount in the form of cheques to you. If you don’t have any remaining balance then you can leave your old card and British Gas will close your accounts.

Inform British Gas, at least, three days before if you are moving to a home with a Pay as you go meter. You need a new card because using old card mean that you are paying other’s remaining bill. You need to equip British Gas with the following information:

  • Your moving date
  • Your current address
  • The name of your new landlord (if possible)
  • Your new address
  • Metre serial number of your new property (keep in mind that L or M for gas metres and S or F is for electricity meters)

British Gas is providing a facility of annual maintenance to their customers too. You can simply book this service online in three simple steps:

  • At first login to your account
  • Select a time and date
  • Confirm your appointment details
  • You will receive confirmation email regarding your appointment

If you don’t have an online account, then register yourself online as soon as possible. With the help of account, you can manage your HomeCare productson your smart phones and can check whether your appointment is due or not. If your appointment is due, then you can book it 3 months before its due date

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