Boost Retail Sales With Meetups


I recently attended the regular monthly Italian language Meetup here in Little Rock. Meetups are casual social gatherings of individuals with similar interests in a certain subject. Topics for Meetups range from political to cultural to intellectual to fun.

Good meetups like in Calgary Business meetups are generally kept in books shops, coffee shops and dining establishments. As Meetups take place mid-week, on what are typically sluggish nights for lots of small businesses, Meetups often bring extra traffic and sales.

For instance, this time there were 6 people at our Italian language Meetup. The Meetup was held at Boulevard Bread Business, an Italian pastry shop which also serves complete gourmet meals. Among the six people, 3 ate full meals and three had light treats. All had actually imported Italian drinks. Altogether about $60 in extra sales were produced by this one Meetup. As the Italian language Meetup occurs on only one mid-week night monthly, an addditional 16 nights are offered for other Meetups at the same area. Potentially, an added $1,000 or more in sales could be generated just by hosting nightly Meetups at this one place.

While dozens of Meetups happen in Little Rock and much bigger cities, smaller communities are mostly untapped. All a small company need do to take advantage of the Meetup network is offer area for little gatherings. Preferably, small companies ought to share some affinity with the Meetup group hosted. For instance, garden enthusiasts may Meetup at a regional plant nursery. Our Italian Meetup chose a bakeshop which brings Italian items and where the owner sees Italy two times each year.

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