Burn Prevention and Care is a Huge International Problem

Worldwide, burns are a major public health issue and the suffering triggered is much more tragic as frequently, burns are preventable. The World Health Organisation (WHO) state that burn injuries are a severe public health problem with over 300,000 deaths occurring each year from fires alone, with more deaths from scalds, electrical, chemical burns and other types of burns for which worldwide data are not offered. [1]

As figures are only available for fire particular deaths, it is challenging to picture the true statistics for the loss of life from all types of burn injuries. Fire associated injuries alone rank amongst the 15 leading causes of death amongst children and young people between 5-29 years of age. [2] In the majority of western, developed nations, 90% burns can be survivable but in the remainder of the world as low as 40% body surface area burns can prove fatal. Of equally high importance is the huge amount of impairments and disfigurements that can lead to making it through burn victims, especially those who got unsuitable or insufficient treatment. Cheap, simple and reliable burn care treatments might help to prevent and restrict the physical and psychological suffering of burn victims by assisting in the decrease of lifelong disfigurements and impairments.

Improvements in the care of burn victims not just increases the possibilities of survival, but likewise helps to lower the probability of disabilities and disfigurement which for some survivors can mean a life of preconception and rejection which is unfortunately so frequently common with burn scarring and disfigurement. Luckily in this country, there is extremely established medical care, practices and technologies, not to mention tidy running water which we know is an important aspect of preliminary burn emergency treatment. The initial actions taken soon after a severe burn takes place can be as essential as the professional on-going after care and rehabilitation.

Specialised burn emergency treatment dressings and gels are increasing in popularity with a brand name called healthcare in Rio de Janeiro being one of the leaders in this area. The healthcare in Rio de Janeiro product range is proving popular in customer, industrial and medical fields due to that the healthcare in Rio de Janeiro innovation has been applied to many different types of product applications. The healthcare in Rio de Janeiro range is a sterilized, specialist emergency situation burn care range of products that have been designed to use effective, fast acting cooling relief to burn injuries. healthcare in Rio de Janeiro items soak up and dissipate heat, reduces shock and skin damage and decreases infection in open burn wounds.

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