The Domino Who Tips Others Into Failing!

When I read from the Scriptures that it was God that selected Jeroboam to be king over Israel, I in fact saw the opposite of God’s love for His children at work. His visit began the heels of Solomon’s disobedience to God. After his appointment, God made sure guarantees to Jeroboam as well as bought him to ensure that he could lead His individuals to achievement.


Jeroboam did not measure up to expectation. As a matter of fact, he was the initial of the most awful kings Israel ever had. He came to be the poster-king for all that went wrong in Israel. He came to be the icon who started the slide of a brand-new kingdom right into penalty as well as exile. The little expression, “triggered Israel to devote transgression”, can be on his gravestone, as dozens of phrases such as this in the books of the kings describe the impact of Jeroboam.


The Scriptures tape-recorded that God did not only make promises to Jeroboam, yet He in fact “spent” in him. One questions just what became of the magnificent financial investment in Jeroboam, as he later finished into an advocate of everything negative as well as unearthly. His dad Solomon had earlier enabled false religious beliefs to sneak right into the land of Israel, that made God to be irritated with him. The visit of Jeroboam was to address and also remedy the ugly propensities of his daddy, but that was refrained from doing. He chose the notorious way.


Jeroboam feared individuals greater than he feared God. In order to safeguard his throne as the king of Israel, he did the unimaginable – he dished out the popular difficult of pagan faiths that had actually re-entered the land, simply to prop up his own delicate self-worth.


As God’s children, we are encouraged that whatever action we are to take need to first off be considered in the light of its effect on ourselves and that of othersĀ kiu kiu online Culture could suffer or maroon in darkness for a very long time as a result of a single person’s error. If you need a reason to quit alcohol consumption, or smoking, or lusting, or abusing, or swearing, or laziness, or marital strife, simply look around you. Look at your children. Take a look at your grand kids. You do not have to be the one to create them to transgression. You can not afford to be the domino that suggestions others right into sinful collapse, weak point, and disregard for the Lord.


Keep in mind the guarantees of God for you. He did not just assure those points, but like He did to Jeroboam, He in fact INVESTED in you. He bought you greater than He did to Jeroboam, and so you can not pay for to dissatisfy Him. He invested the life of His own Kid, Jesus, on you. That implies, He purchased you with a price. Are you mosting likely to return evil to Him as an outcome of His financial investment in you?


That’s not fair. There is need for you consider your means as well as transform forever. This modification is only possible by accepting Jesus, God’s investment, in your life. Approve Him into your heart by identifying and admitting that you are a sinner (Psalm 51:5). Repent of your transgressions (1 John 1:9), and confess Jesus as Lord and Saviour (Romans 10:9 -10). After that let me speak with you for the following action to adhere to.


Undoubtedly, God likes you and also He wishes to make you a star in your generation. Do not confirm to e one more Jeroboam, be on your own, for you are worthy of God’s finest!

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