Drink Fibre Oriented Quality in Fresh & Green Amla Juice for Health

Goodness of amla

Choose the food items that make the difference between falling ill frequently and being healthy. The Indian gooseberry or amla is one such fruit. Pure amla juice contains a host of compounds that give your essential vitamin and mineral need and helps you fight against infection.


The Indian gooseberry is brimming with nutrients. The vitamin C in pure amla juice helps you fight against coughs and colds. The three dos has of the body, according to Ayurveda, will balance by eating fresh and green amla fruit. Vitamin C raises the activity of the immune system and the body metabolism. The natural Polyphemus present in amla is known to fight against cancer cell development. You see good nutritional value in amla because it has phosphorus, calcium, and iron.

Take amla juice in many ways-

One can prepare the amla in a variety of ways. One could make pickles and jams, or eat them raw. If you fancy, you can drink pure amla juice, mixed with other fruit juices. This will make it taste better. For those who like it simple, dilute the juice of amla in a glass of water. Drink it on an empty stomach to get the full benefit.

The Numerous Benefits from Eating this Fruit

For children

This benefit includes aiding the eyesight, care for skin and hair, and boosting the digestion. Another way, especially useful for children is to mix amla juice in two or three teaspoons of honey and swallowed in the morning. This will help to keep control of the coughs and colds that occur in children. It also helps prevent mouth ulcers.

For old people

You can reduce the cholesterol level by having amla regularly. Bringing asthma and other respiratory diseases under control is easy. One can manage diabetes better when one has amla in some form or the other regularly. The presence of amino acids alongside the antioxidant property of amla makes it good for the heart.

For beauty care

Collagen making process needs the ingredients in amla. Your body needs collagen for maintaining the hair and skin healthy. Further, the ageing process becomes slow when we have amla regularly. The natural antioxidant properties of vitamin C help to remove free radicals. The protein content in amla helps strengthen the hair which is 98% protein. The roots of the hair become strong and hair fall reduces.

Improves digestion

Due to its alkaline nature, and due to the fiber content, the Indian gooseberry helps to clean out the digestive tract. You remove the toxins from the body as it flushes out the liver. Since it helps the skin so much, you need to just apply the juice on your face with a cloth to remove pigmentation, blemishes and light marks. Amla juice closes the pores and oxidizes the melanin thereby reducing the marks on the face.

Have it early in the morning

The best way to have this is in juice form as soon as you wake up. During this time, your stomach is empty and will be receptive to the positive actions of the fruit. For better effect, mix Jamun juice and Karela juice along with amla juice and have it with honey. This is especially useful for those who experience hair fall, or have high cholesterol levels. You can add some aloe Vera juice if available to enhance the positive effect of amla. People take the juice of amla before going to sleep has the dual effect of giving you good sleep at night as well as countering the effect of junk food you eat before going to bed.

Start today

You have a natural wonder that cares for your health in many magnificent ways. Try it for a few days and see the difference. Give your health the boost it needs in a simple and effective way by having amla.

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