Fascinating Facts about Medieval Archery Supplies Sets



Humans are using bows and arrows for centuries for different purposes. Actually a bow is a long flexible stick attached to a strong and short string at both the ends of the sticks. Initially, it was used for hunting and safety purposes but with the passage of time it evolved and then men started to use the arches as a weapon. It was like a short gun of that time. During the early centuries of medieval times, arches were mostly made up of wood but in the latter centuries people of that time started to use metals to make the arches stronger and durable. You can get the archery arm guard from various online stores to get some idea about the weaponry system of medieval times.


Design of Medieval Arches

The most popular design of arches in the medieval times was the longbows. It was popular because this design is simple, effective and easy to make. They used to make the bow with the single wooden piece to keep the bow strong. There were lots of issues with this design because wood become brittle in the cold weather and it can easily be deformed in moister. The low-class archers kept on suing these arches, but the high-class archers turned to other materials. They used better quality wood and different polishing materials to retain the strength the effectiveness of bows for a long time. The strings of the bows were made up of different natural materials like animals skins, fat, and other hard tissues. It is very difficult to stretch the bows with these types of string but at that time only these materials were available to most of the people.  Rich people and armies used to make fiber strings in their bows.

Styles of Arrows

Medieval archers used different styles of arrows in the same time. They had bone arrows, wooden arrows and metallic arrows too. The wooden arrows are the simplest form of arrows. they used to make them with strong wooden strips with sharp tips. Bone arrows are more effective than the wooden arrows, but they are slightly hard to make. In medieval ties, people used to ties sharps bones at the tip of the wooden sticks. They used these arrows for hunting because bones can penetrate into the skins of animals, but wooden arrows are not that effective. Modern arches can give the arrow speed of more than hundred feet per second, but it was not the case with medieval arches. They had to use strong and sharp arrows at close range to make the hunt successful.

The target archery arm guard are relatively less effective for hunting and gaming but they are certainly very attractive and attention grabbing. Moreover, they are economical therefore beginners can also get them to learn some basic skills of archery. To get the best rates, it is better to compare the prices of supplies at different stores.

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