Fun, Adventure, and Memories on Coorg trip

The exotic hill slopes, lush woods, and extensive tea and coffee plantations in the excellent valley of Coorg make the place one of the finest spots for holiday getaways. Fondly known as the small Scotland of India, Coorg is enchanting indeed. The energizing valley holds perfect sceneries for the roving eyes. You can have a lot of fun here which comprises of rock-climbing, water rafting, and celebrating or observing festivals like Keil Poldhu. Coorg is a perfect place for a family vacation. Below are some of the most interesting places to visit in Coorg. Have a look:

Convent Waterfalls

River Cauvery streams down perfectly over the rough edges of the mountains falling like a waterfall that carries with it the air of peace along the region. The waterfall is encompassed by manors of tea, coffee from all sides, making it a superb green-land a place certainly to make the most of your excursions. The sound of the waterfall can be is music in itself. Along these lines, gather up your backpack and begin exploring the craving for new experiences you hold inside. The quality time to visit is November and December, right when the rainstorms get over.


Brahmagiri Peak

Among the haze-wrapped pinnacle of the Western Ghats, the Brahmagiri crest lies clear. The trek begins from the Irpu waterfalls and the pinnacle shapes the base camp where the voyagers remain to experience the excellence of the quiet haven that this spot is. At 5,276 ft, the time required for completing the trek is four to five hours. It’s a lovely spot alongside the exciting and energizing experiences that the place holds. It becomes just more enjoyable with family or friends. The best time to visit is after the storms. The foggy slopes, the perfect freshwater river streams, and the excellent greenery will make you wish to stay here forever.

Raja’s seat

In the midst of the bed of blossoms and the springs, this spot is a standout among st the most picturesque places fascinating nature lovers since a long time. The magnificence of the crisp greenery, the low scopes of the cloudy, foggy mountains, etc. make this place a wonderland place for all the recreational exercises. If you get lucky you can see rainbows too.

Iruppu falls

You can see it from Brahmagiri top too. The water from the tributary of the River Cauvery hits the rough mountains and falls in a delightful manner making its very own paradise. It is one of the well known excursion getaways. Due to the nearness of Shiv Temple to the falls it draws in the vacationers as well as the devotees. It holds the legend that the fall has the ability to clean the transgressions. During Mahashivaratri, it is swarmed with people. Best time to visit here is between August to January.


Madikeri Fort

This enormous royal residence of yore where the rulers lived in the past is a great fort. This place in Coorg is worth a recreational visit. It was constructed during the reign of Tipu Sultan and the building is completely made out of the rocks that is still exist. Presently, an exhibition hall with the fortress and the Church have been built. The best time to arrange a visit is September onwards.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Close to banks of river Cauvery, you can enjoy elephant rides, climbing, rafting, etc. at this camp. The elephants are trained here. It is a nice place to learn about elephants. It is home to other animals, reptiles and avian species. There are tracks for visitors. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Coorg.

Chelavara Falls

Chelavara Falls is a waterfall as nice as any waterfall. This fall is close to Kabbe homestay. The fall is inside the jungle. There are plenty of other attractions around this spot which you can explore on the same itinerary.


Mandalpatti View Point

With a plenitude of greenery, trekking is something must to do in Coorg. Also, Mandalpatti is one of the quality vacationer spots to enjoy some adventure. Get a complete view of the valley and have a great time at this spot.

Mallalli waterfall

Mallalli is a perfect place situated in Coorg that spouts like drain from around one hundred forty feet. A gentle trek of 1.5 km through coffee fields drives you to the waterfall. The trek can be strenuous and needs stamina. The perspective of the fall is stunning. It’s a great spot for nature lovers.


Of all travel areas in Coorg, By lakuppe is unique. The second biggest Tibetan settlement in the country, By lakuppe is a great sanctuary with namdroling religious community which clings to the standard Tibetan style of construction. Visit during Losar, the Tibetan new year for a great time here.


On the off chance that you are into social tourism, an exciting alternative to do in Coorg may be to go to a neighborhood town. Chettalli is a little town in Madikeri. With the cloudy slopes with endless greenery, the place is an awesome spot for the quietness and unwinding.

So, enjoy these places to visit in Coorg on your tour and have a great time.

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