Information To Help You In Buying The Diamonds

Don’t need to be suspecious to buy a diamond. Buying diamond becomes much easier once the required information is known by you. Every diamond is unique and they have different price ranges depending on some factors. The most important factors are known as four C’s of diamond and these are cut, clarity, color and Carat. A diamond is graded on all these factors and the price is then made according to the grade. This grade is provided by GIA only. The diamond grading information is discussed here in full details. if you are looking Wholesale diamond engagement rings must read the information given below


Cut grading matters a lot in the price determination. A good cut diamond turns the bottom side into a mirror. Similarly, a diamond that is not cut properly becomes lifeless with lower grade.


Clarity is another important factor that is available in the diamond grading chart. Clarity refers to the internal purity of diamond. If a diamond has fewer flaws, it is graded high and the cost is also high. The clarity grading is shown below:


IF-Internally flawless, the blemishes can be viewed using 10 x magnifying glasses.

VVS1-VVS2: Very very slightly included, the flaws are very difficult to face up.

VS1-VS2: Very slightly included, the flaws can be seen somewhat.

S1-S2: Slightly included, the flaws are easy to see.

I1-I3: Flaws are obvious.


Color is the next diamond grading information that makes up the price. Color grading scale ranges from D through Z which provides the following information.

D-F: Brightest and best colorless diamond that is very expensive.

G-H: Very bright, white, near colorless but less expensive than the previous one.

I-J: Are not that bright and have little tint that is slightly visible.

K-L: have a tint that is visible by average persons.

M and lower: The color is visible.


Carat is used to convey the weight of a diamond. Diamonds are generally grouped in different weight ranges on which their prices depend. A diamond that is rated less than 1 carat is less expensive than the diamond rated above 1 carat. For example, a 75 pt diamond will be less expensive than 100 pt. (1 carat).

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