Let Us Walk You through the Weight Loss Journey with the 30 Days Juicing Event


The best detoxification you can give to your body comes through juicing. People hardly know the real side of the picture when it comes to the benefits of juicing. It has fascinated users in America and now it is making its way to Europe. You won’t be able to stay away from it as you learn its benefits. Juicing is an amazing way of cleansing and detoxifying your body. It pulls out stress from your body, resolves digestion troubles and removes all the toxins from your body. It is a kick start to a healthy life because it gives your body a mega-concentrated supply of antioxidants and vitamins which are absorbed immediately. The biggest benefit of all is, it lets you LOSE WEIGHT!

What is our juicing event about?

Due to the benefits of fast weight loss, the Juice Support Network has started a juicing event which is a 30 days program. This event has been life changing for many people. It is more than just an achievement of losing weight, you actually detoxify yourself from inside out and it’s a gateway to a healthy life.

The juicing event has been developed by Carlos Vargas and Jo Allen who were obese themselves. They found juicing to be wonderful in shedding pounds, feeling active and performing the activities which they used to perform back in the days then they had energy.


Get on board if you want to lose weight

In case you are unhappy, depressed or suffering from an illness due to obesity, it is recommended to join the 30 days juicing event. The treasures are revealed in these 30 days will bring a huge revival within you. Last summer, the 30 days juicing event helped people shed 6000 pounds and it was a huge success. This year, the program starts on January 2, 2016. This plan consists of workable strategies that allow you to lose weight methodically. It is a step by step plan that lets you bring change to life.

Here are some of the highlights of the juicing for weight loss event:

  • It consist of different weight loss contests and prizes
  • You will meet experienced juicers who will instruct you throughout your journey.
  • You will get access to healthy and delicious juice recipes which are economical
  • Throughout the 30 days, you will see motivational videos to get inspiration from. Nobody would be left alone in their struggle
  • Personal guidance and assistance will be provided to each individual
  • Live question and answer session would be held to address the queries of members
  • Tips and tricks will be shared with the members through which they will get to maximize weight loss.

It’s affordable!

If you don’t really have a big budget, you will still get to afford this event because you need to give $1 per day. You can be among the many who lose pounds too. If no other weight loss plan has been consistent for you, we guarantee this juicing event will work. Register yourself for the program now before all the seats fill up. Let us guide you through the journey of weight loss. It’s going to be fun and fruitful!

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