The Meaning of Playing Cards: Hearts & Diamonds

Every game in this world has some purpose and meaning. Most of the people consider games as a way to spend some entertaining time with friends and family but the history of the game tells you the true purpose of the game. Some games were invented to distract the public and some of them were developed to amuse the kings. The playing cards are one of those games that hold lots of secret in them.  A deck of bicycle playing cards or any other custom playing cards contains the same set of 52 cards. Here are the meanings of 13 cards of spades and diamonds. Read more at

The Hearts

Ace:  It means love, romance, joys of love, friendship, and home.

Two: It represents the prosperity, partnership, engagement, and success.

Three: It means you have to be extra careful with your words and acts.

Four:  This card means that you are going to move or travel for domestic or business purposes.

Five:  It means you are surrounding by jealous people and you have to make smart decisions.

Six:  This card is for good luck. It shows someone is trying to help you.

Seven: This card is for the unreliable person who is more likely to break his promises.

Eight: It means invitations and parties.

Nine: It is a wish card and it means your dream will come true.

Ten: This card means happiness, joy, and luck.

Jack: This card represents a trustworthy friend with goo nature.

Queen: This card obviously represents women with fair hair and kind heart.

King: This card represents a fair-haired middle-aged man with good nature and who gives good advice.

The Diamonds

Ace: This card means jewelry and gift especially a ring. It also means a chance for money.

Two: This card is about business partnership and love affair.

Three:  This card represents legal problems and arguments in business and domestic life.

Four:  It means an increase in the financial assets.

Five: This card is also for happiness but only in family and business.

Six:  This card represents the issues in the second marriage.

Seven: It tells about losses in business or any other surprise gift

Eight: It shows financials movements. These movements can be in both upward and downward direction.

Nine:  This card represents the surprises related to money.

Ten: It shows travelling and changes in the fortune.

Jack: It represents a relative with fair hair but the reliability of this relative is questionable.

Queen: It is about the women who love to flirt, gossip, and party.

King: This card represents an influential and stubborn man with

All these meanings of playing cards have a clear pattern. The bicycle playing cards of heart are all about love and affection but the cards of diamond are all about money and finance. You can also get custom playing cards with unique features of jack, queen, and king. It will give you the opportunity to connect with your cards while playing serious games.

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