Overview for the best Tape in 2016

Today we are going to talk about something that sticks to things together. Yes it’s not a glue that is easily the worst thing that might have come to your mind and it is also not an gum it is called a tape. Now you might be thinking what kind of tape since they are too many categories of tapes are out there which type of I am talking about. Well tape means a tape. That sticks two things together. Scientist developed tape to hold something when they are not sticking with normal glue or gum whichever you prefer mostly. Tape are good when there is surface that doesn’t hold well against the normal liquid glues. Let’s look into the right definition of tape.


Velcro tapes

Tape is an strip made up of different materials which are used to hold the or bind things together. Tape has a plastic form mostly. It has two sides one side is known as the upper sides while the other side is known as lower side. The lower side is the working party that has substance that binds the things together. Since there are different categories of tapes out there let’s look at the list and develop some understanding about them how they work.

Velcro Tape 1

Adhesive Tape

This tape was first developed in 1845 by doctor Horace that was a surgeon. One of the tapes that have and old history.This the one of the most common used tapes out there. This tape points out the things that can be used to bind things together. A variety of different combination of different materials coated with the adhesive tape can be used for the intended use. Adhesive tapes is similar to my defined example that it can bound different surfaces together.


Pressure sensitive tape while you will be thinking that user defined words are different than the abbreviation. While that’s how the name is given. This tape is also known as the sticky tape. Consist of adhesive coating that can back or bing the materials example paper plastic and different metal or wood proctus. This tape is as sticky as they come when the first tapes were discovered they  required either heat or sometime time to cool down to work and bind While this tape doesn’t requires anything like that it is simple just apply the tape and let the tape you it’s magic. These tapes sometimes show the sign of triboluminescence when they are placed somewhere. Normally triboluminescence is often visible in rooms where are less light or when they are taken of some surfaces.

Now let’s talk about something that are now in the industry and preferred over many other things known as Velcro tapes .


Velcor tapes are faster than other tapes most of the times. These are fabric strips that are used to attach or bind together two different surfaces to fastened them together. First strip is a hook while other are tiny hairier loops. When two surface are to fasten the hook catches both surfaces and the loops make them hold tightly together. When the tape is pulled of the each other or a surface they make a ripping sound.









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