One of the top secret behind WhatsApp’s success is that it is loaded with features. Like most recent Seen, Display Picture, a double or twice tick. The double tick idea is very nice and unique; it will confirm for a single tick once it is delivered from your side and twice tick when the other user receives it. One biggest characteristic of WhatsApp is Status, in such a small cell phone application the feature like Facebook have [status] is very great. All these features make it is the best app from other chat applications. However, other applications are now coming up with the similar features, learning from WhatsApp.

Particularly during the festive days, you have to pay high SMS charges. Still, you have the SMS Pack subscribed, it’s very frustrating the users. All you need to access WhatsApp was an internet connection. You can choose WhatsApp group names and make crazy groups. On Diwali, Holi, etc., any festive season you can send message or photos your loved ones free of cost. It is trouble-free, safe, and quick for users. It does not ask you to spend time building up a new chart of your relations.

 I believe WhatsApp were first to market regarding approach (not technology)

    1. It is supported multi-platform, including Nokia S40 and Blackberry platforms.
    2. There is no need to sign-up. Directly you can install then run. It is user-friendly.
    3. Looking at your phone contact list, it suggests you which of your friends are on WhatsApp since ‘unique id’ for each and every user is the phone number. So no more adding friend’s emails.
    4. It uses advanced technology. It performs fine on the border, even during poor network situation. A user can send messages and never worries about it being delivered at the other end.
    5. One important thing that it is extremely simple to use and contains no irritating ads, you don’t require to be super intelligent to us it.
    6. It is the worldwide most important online messaging application available for Android, IOS, Windows and other Smartphone operating system with more than 600 million users.
    7. You can compare this app with other chat applications like WeChat & LINE; it opens very promptly. The engineers who made WhatsApp have so wisely developed it that even when millions of users are using it, it doesn’t lag. This might be one of the WhatsApp success factors. You can send pictures, videos, audios in just a click.
    8. First with the logo of this App all they have is a standard look. The logo is just a chat icon with green & white colour. Even the chat list is full mostly with gorgeous white colour no funky looks not too several colours, however, seem & feel little bit varies from IOS to Android to Windows and other OS.  Users’ critic eighty percentages of the application through look and feel, that’s where this app can meet up the user desires.

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