There are things you can’t imagine, however, you can send messages to anyone without opening WhatsApp. And, yes, you can do this with the help of Google Voice. Since whatsApp as a messaging platform has the largest user base hence Google also came up with a feature to ease the messaging on WhatsApp. Google Voice is a feature provided by Google which will take your voice as input and send the message whatever you says without opening WhatsApp. In this article, I will take you through how easily and quickly you will be able to message any contact without opening WhatsApp, in android phones.

In iOS, you can send messages without opening WhatsApp. Yes, you got it right, with the most recent version of WhatsApp for IOS, it is possible to send/reply to messages without opening the app. You can even send message in whatsapp group. You can choose favourite group names for whatsapp group names. Simply, pull down the notification bar and you will get the choice of answer to that specific contact message, then tap on the answer option and type your message, after that tap on send icon & your message is sent without opening WhatsApp.

Here is a way you can send messages by Google Voice to your WhatsApp friends. Below are the steps:

  1. By pressing home key you can open Google Voice on your phone.
  2. Tap on voice icon then speak clearly.
  3. Say “Send WhatsApp message to”. Then it asks you “Whom do you want to send a message to”, say the person’s name to whom you want to send the WhatsApp message.
  4. Than it will ask “What’s the message” Speak the message. If Google voice acquired your message correctly then its fine but if not, you can edit it manually. Then it confirms whether you want to send this message or not, reply with either yes or no.

This way, by using Google voice, you can answer your friends while not opening WhatsApp and your last seen will not get updated. You can befool your friends or relatives with this trick.

Another way to send message

With this way, you can fast answer to the individual without opening WhatsApp but yes your last seen will be updated using this method. Here you go:

  1. When you received the message from individual of your WhatsApp contact, it will look on your notification bar.
  2. You will see the option of reply to that specific contact message when you pull down notification. Write your message by a tap on reply option.

Next, tap on send icon and your message is sent without opening the app.

Note: In this way, if you have posts from many WhatsApp contacts then you will not find the option of reply.

This application is fantastic for sending text, audios, and videos with no limitations. If you will be comparing with other applications, you will find this app amazing. In this application, you need not sign up, no hanging issues, very user-friendly, fast and one more important feature platform agnostic.

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