Things not to do on your first date

Everyone remembers their first date with their love. A first date is special and has a sentiment attached with it. Everyone wants to look good, behave well and make their first date a grand success. People go to great extents to make their first date go in a smooth way. There are many ways to spend the first date. To different people, different things are considered the best idea for a date. A movie for movie buffs, a candle light dinner for hardcore romantics, a trekking for adventurous couple or a walk in the park for simple ones; ideas differ according to tastes.

Things not to do on your first date

While you know all the do’s on the first date, here is a list of the things you are not supposed to do on your first date –

  • Don’t cancel dates –

Unless there is a genuine reason, never cancel a date. It can send a clear message in bold letters that you are not interested. Once you fix a date, be sure you turn up at the right time at the fixed venue. Also, make sure you are not late for the date. If you are late, you will create a negative first impression about yourself in your partners mind.

  • Don’t be pretentious –

Never act as a different person than the one you are. Be natural and who you are. If you act, you will eventually get caught. If you are not fake, you will not have to worry about anything. Be genuine and do not try to boast. Do not fake your accent or lie. This will not help you build trust in your partner’s heart.

  • Don’t dress inappropriately –

Dress nicely. Be presentable. Do not over dress as if you are attending a beauty pageant. Skimpy and revealing clothes are also not welcome. Dress formally or semi casually. Wear light makeup and smell good. Do cake up your face with inches of makeup, as some people like natural things.

  • Don’t move too fast –

Do not be over excited and behave like you know the other person from years. Also do not talk too much. Do not go about telling all your deep dark secrets. There is still time for all the personal talks. Move slow! Talk about the weather, your work, movies, art and other general stuffs.

  • Don’t take your friend along –

Your date is going to hate you if you are taking your friend along with you for moral support or whatever silly reason you give. It is called a date not a group date. You have to go alone no matter how scared you are.

  • Don’t behave uninterested –

If you do not find your date interesting after some time, or if you start thinking you are not made for them, then do not show it on your face. No matter how uninterested you might be, you have promised a date and you will have to fulfil it. Do not behave unresponsive or rudely. Be polite and friendly.

  • Don’t let her pay –

Never let the lady pay the bill. It is not at all considered cool. No matter how broke you are or how rich she is, you will have to pay on the first date.

It is natural to be tensed when you are on your first date. A few things are definitely going to go wrong. Do not panic and start cursing yourself. It is your first date; this time will never come back. Enjoy every moment and try not to have regrets. Be smiling and energetic. Also, later on do not forget to thank your partner for spending time with you. Send a thank you message or a thank you note with flowers. You can also send love shayari for boyfriend or girlfriend. Make your first date memorable by using all the above tips.

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