Video game shows on nick Jr for kids

Cartoons are designed from the unique imaginations. The characters are built on usually animals and birds. This is mainly done to enhance kid’s knowledge and skills to identify the living beings. Since nick Jr is a cable channel for kids so it particularly designs the programs for children audience. Nick Jr Game Shows are basically designed for kids, to boost their knowledge, to enhance their skills and to involve them in brain throbbing activities. There are a lot of unblocked game shows that have been aired on since the time of its origin.

Unique adventures:

There are many unblocked games designed by nick Jr cable television network. Blue birthday adventure is a game show that is based on two scenarios. Blue’s owner is Steve and the story is based on a birthday party. This game is actually a learning platform for kids in different aspects. Kids after playing this game become able to acquire the knowledge of colors, figures and alphabets. Fourth wall concept is introduced here; it is an imaginary wall that was used in traditional three-walled box set. This game is very similar to the television series. Steve is actually a live acting character that kids are familiar with. Steve has three problems that players help to solve. Clues are located in the house at different places and players help him to find that. This game in a sense boosts children senses and general knowledge. Problem clues are hidden under blue paws print. Tasks in the game depend on the clues completion.

unblocked games

The famous cartoon series ‘Dora the explorer’ is now available in a video game. She is a superstar of adventures. Kids love to watch these fantastic missions that are full of knowledge. This was released for game boy advance i.e. a handheld video game console. This game is great at communication. Kids pick the message easily and use in their activities and routine. Symbols and pictures are used frequently in this game for communication. Six explorer stars are the objective of this game. Each of this explorer stars has some ability. For instance, one has the ability to create music and, one has the ability to be noisy etc. there is a hide and seek an activity that player must complete for star capturing. The activities used in this game are skill boosters for kids. The skills used for learning are maze navigation, math symbols, use of music, matching games, race games of side scrolling, and identifying the symbols.

One interesting activity used in this game is frogger. This is the arcade game of 1981 that revolves around frog course to their homes. A river full of hazards and a busy road is there that frogs have to cross. Such activities help kids to learn tackle problems. Focusing the situation helps those thinking new ways and aspects. This is mind clickers for kids. Parents don’t feel worried and allow their children to watch Nick Jr. Game Shows. It is not only a fun platform but also a place to learn.

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