What Does DDS Stand for?

DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery; it is an academic degree which is given to the student who has done his or her dental training program, it is a four-year degree with one year training program in order to issue the license to the particular dentist to work as a dentist or open his own private clinic to earn his living. The DDS programs include the special training of the student so that he can’t face the difficulties in his practical life they also trained them on the live patient in the degree and allow them to operate with the senior dentist in order to get experience in the future.

  • Basic educational requirements

For entering in the field of the DDS you have to pass the matric and F.sc. Level with science group, if you have not passed the earlier education with science group then you can’t enter in the field of the DDS. After getting the four year education in the DDS, you get training in your field in the government institution, when you complete your training then you receive a license from the government which is the evidence that you are a dentist and can work in this field, now it is up to you that you work with the government or made your private clinic if you can afford.

  • Working of DDS

DDS stand for doctor of dental surgery and he is programmed for handling the preventive dentistry such as oral cancer treatment, X-rays, dental checkups etc., restorative dentistry   such as tooth filling, dental crown, dental bridge, oral surgery etc. and cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, enamel shaping, and veneers.

  • DDS vs. DMD

What is difference between DMD VS DDS? DMD stand for “Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry” and DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery. Both are the same degrees, they are not considered as separate things according to ADA, ADA stands for American dental association. Both degrees provide the same dentist because both include same studies and same training so there is no difference according to the ADA and it is up to the universities that what degree they will assign to you, they can assign you either DDS or DMD after the four year education and one year training in the professional field.

In the ancient time, the practice of the medicine was divided into two categories: the one who treats the injuries was considered as the doctor of dental surgery and the one who deals treats with the help of medicine was considered as the doctor in the medicine dentistry. In that era, most of the people prefer the degree of DDS and considered as the respectful personalities from that period as they are capable of diagnosing the disease related to the dental health. They also do surgeries if need in severe cases, and informs other about their oral health because teeth play an important role in maintain the beauty of the face and helps us in chewing the food, so dentist is an important part of the clinical society.

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